I can help!

Have a business problem, need representation for your company or project management? My success over the past 30 years has been driven by: a broad set of skills, lots of experience, the enjoyment of solving problems and a desire to succeed. It’s easy for me to be all in, I enjoy what I do and work where I can make a difference. This is true for my career and for my outside interests: food security, homelessness, disaster relief and green energy.

Marc Segre

I am RRock consulting. I started my career in R&D at IBM designing memory controllers and graphics hardware. I soon moved on to developing  IBM’s UNIX and Intel workstations.  After 15 years of R&D I took on customer facing roles mostly in telecomm but also in the finance and public sectors. Before taking a buyout I was a Distinguished Engineer and the Client Technical Leader in IBM’s telecom sector. In this role I was an architect and consultant responsible for partnering with customers to solve business problems, first at Sprint and then T-Mobile. Client Technical leaders represent IBM’s entire portfolio, lead specific engagements and manage new opportunities. Projects I led included a Watson call center solution, scaling our network analytics solution to meet the rapid increase in network traffic and the architecture for centralized Self Organizing Networks (automated optimization of the cellular network) and Data Center engagements.